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Property Investment 2019

There are a lot of articles in the press which give a macro overview of the property market. You often see reports suggesting Brexit is dampening the property market and others like the article in Property Wire today which claims residential property sales increased by 0.8% between 2018 and January 2019. But what does it actually feel like on the ground

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Property Finance and the Current Climate

There was much political uncertainty in 2019 and as a result this had a major knock on effect on the property market and the finance that sat behind it. As a result completion times increased as the year went on. Heightened due diligence and a slow sales market meant there was less urgency to complete transactions.

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Property Investment

Investing in property has long been seen as a sure bet when considering where you might expect to see year on year growth. Not only does it potentially bring cashflow, it also can benefit from long term capital appreciation.

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