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Case Type – Residential Investment

Case Type – Residential Investment

Understanding the client – Experienced property investment family with a diverse portfolio. 

Project – Refinance large residential portfolio across London and Cardiff. Create new banking relationship which would enable to provide suitable lending facilities aligned with the family’s growth aspirations. 

Challenge – Provide a competitive funding package for the borrowing entity which was owned by a charitable organisation.

Strategy – Analyse the family’s wider portfolio and decipher the most suitable lender for the customer, bearing in mind the customer’s need for banking facilities as well as debt. Full presentation provided to panel of lenders so a detailed appraisal could be made on each option.

Lender – Clearing Bank

Initial Gross Loan – £5,350,000

‘War chest’ lending facility – £2,300,000

Loan to Value: 45%

Rate: 2.55% + cost of funds

Term: 60 months

Lender arrangement Fee: 1.5%


‘We are a 3rd generation property company trading for 50 odd years.

We’ve had established banking relations for many years. When our current lenders would not increase our loan size Wharf stepped in. Moved our banking over to a new bank & arranged it all seamlessly. He arranged an increase in loan size allowing us to further expand our portfolio. It’s been an absolute pleasure and we do look forward to further deals with Wharf Financial.‘