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Trade Finance

Trade finance provides the ability to trade internationally safely. It can help your businesses grow by improving your cashflow and liquidity through securing money to buy goods and stock. It also provides essential protection when you trade with your suppliers since they will only be paid if the goods are produced and delivered to your complete requirements.   

At Wharf Financial Services our brokers are experienced ex-commercial bankers who can provide a whole range of commercial finance services, both domestically and internationally. We  facilitate pre and post shipment finance so that you can negotiate competitive terms with your suppliers and achieve positive cashflow.

Traditional, conventional finance manages your cashflow and liquidity. Trade finance solutions cover this and more by working to protect against the variables involved in international trade. These can include foreign exchange (currency) risk,  economic and political risk, and problems with receiving payment. 

Trade finance is low cost and by using our experience brokers at Wharf Financial Services you can look to grow your business safely. We like to get to know our clients, really understand their needs, and then provide a service which is above and beyond their expectations. 

If you are looking to trade internationally and seek trade finance please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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