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How to benefit from recent trends in Property Investment and Development

With the UK economy currently experiencing a fast and furious recovery and businesses reporting “the strongest growth in more than 20 years”, it seems that the bounce-back has outpaced even the most bullish analyst. 

The retail sector has been heavily damaged by the pandemic with estimates of 40,000 empty units across the UK. However, this has opened up opportunities for the retail investment market to repurpose the space for other sectors which are growing including homes and logistic hubs. 

This presents the chance for experienced property investors and developers to grow their portfolios. 

How to finance property development?

The financing solution market has expanded exponentially in recent years with numerous new entrants entering a lending market which was traditionally dominated by the banks and building societies. This has created competition in lending rates to the benefit of the borrower but has also made the process of arranging finance complex for individuals.  

Using an experienced Commercial Finance Broker (CFB) will save a property investor and developer both time and money. A reputable CFB (registered with the NACFB) takes care to understand what a client needs and, through established relationships with lenders, can secure funding for the most complex of deals. 

How can I fund my property development project?

Property development or refurbishment projects can be funded in various ways. Common choices are to use development or bridging finance. This is short-term finance and is often used when time is of the essence to enable a quick purchase and to fund building costs. This type of finance would then be moved into long term finance in the terms of a commercial loan or mortgage. 

Is there an alternative to a bridging loan if I require short term finance?

At Wharf we always look for creative solutions if the usual methods are not proving successful. As an alternative to a commercial bridging loan for trading businesses we can look at invoice financing and/or asset/portfolio refinancing. Often when trading entities are wanting to use bridging finance there is an alternative solution. Invoice financing or asset/portfolio refinancing can be arranged quickly and may be less costly. (We have more details in the trade finance section of this website).

How can Wharf Financial Services secure the most appropriate funding for my needs?

Our team at Wharf Financial have just under one hundred years of experience between us! We have worked in the banking sector at many of the major banks in commercial finance, property investment and development and trade finance. This experience has enabled us to build long term relationships with lenders and to understand how to best help our clients. Our knowledge has been gained over several decades which enables us to understand complex financing needs and provide the best solutions for your individual situation. 

What is Wharf Financials’ ethos? 

Our ethos is to put our customer first and provide a service which exceeds their expectations. This has led to us building strong connections so that clients regularly return to us for help with their financing needs. 

If you have noticed an opportunity in the retail investment market whether that is for repurposing space or developing other sectors which are growing, and you would like some advice please get in touch.