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Why should I use a broker?

If you needed a tooth removing, would you do it yourself or go to a dentist? Brokers are professionals in finance transactions. The property finance market is multi-faceted and brokers are there to guide the investor through the process – not only in sourcing the most competitive terms, but also in ensuring the process moves along in good time. An efficient, knowledgeable broker can be the difference between a deal progressing and it stalling. Currently, I have around 200 different lenders who we decide to discuss transactions with. That number could be far higher as there are new market entrants on a weekly basis.
Many offer similar terms but it is the nuances the brokers need to be aware of. This is where the brokers earn their crust. Understanding a customer’s motivations and delivering a package that meets as many of these as possible.

Furthermore, it is often integral to a deal’s success that information is presented in the correct manner. This makes the decision-makers’ jobs easier and in turn can speed up the process. From time to time, aspects of transactions don’t always go to plan, so a broker can address these and either find mitigants or offer suitable information to provide comfort to underwriters.

Brokers often have a large network and leaning on professionals in other fields can be invaluable. In any transaction, a broker is the hub in the middle of the wheel with all other professionals working off them. The wheel needs to continue to move forward and it is the broker’s job to keep the momentum going.